Industry Symposia at ECP 2023

On-Demand Content of Industry Sponsored Symposia

Missed an Industry Symposium on-site? No worries, the on-demand content of the below symposia will be available until 6 September 2024. 

Sunday, 10 September 2023

Co-Chair: Eva Compérat | Henning Reis
Speakers: Eva Compérat | Henning Reis | Ray McDermott


Welcome and introductions

Eva Compérat, Austria | Henning Reis, Germany

Precision medicine in genitourinary cancers: Clinical landscape and new data

Ray McDermott, Ireland

Precision medicine: Utilising biomarker testing in bladder and prostate cancer

Eva Compérat, Austria | Henning Reis, Germany

Pathologist recap – Interactive Q&A

All faculty

Patient case: Addressing the diagnostic challenges of bladder cancer

Eva Compérat, Austria

Interactive Q&A

All faculty

Monday, 11 September 2023

Chair:  Umberto Malapelle
Speakers: Dearbhaile Collins |  Umberto Malapelle | Léon van Kempen | Ana Peixoto


NSCLC, the frontrunner in precision medicine
Dearbhaile Collins, Ireland 
Molecular tumour board goes live: Multidisciplinary discussion of NSCLC patient cases

Case 1: NGS/CGP Testing Takes the Lead: Unveiling the Benefits Over Single Gene Testing

Case 2: Liquid Biopsy: Tracking Progression and Complex Variants Interpretation

All faculty

Panel Discussion: Paving the Way: Genomic Testing Access & Future Developments

All faculty

Co-Chairs / Speakers: Nicola Fusco | Fabio Pagni | Matteo Fassan | Umberto Malapelle


4oncommunity from vision to reality:
why this, why now?
Nicola Fusco, Italy
4oncommunity in action: an interactive
Fabio Pagni, Italy
4oncommunity in context: the evolving
landscape of predictive molecular pathology
Matteo Fassan, Italy
4-ward to the future: what’s on the horizon?
Umberto Malapelle, Italy

Content to be provided soon. 

Tuesday, 12 September 2022 | 13:00 - 14:30

Chair: Nicole van Grieken
Speakers: Maeve Lowery | Nicole van Grieken | Albrecht Stenzinger


Welcome and introductions
Nicole van Grieken, The Netherlands
Clues to the exit: Biomarkers in the treatment of G/GEJ adenocarcinoma
Maeve Lowery, Ireland
Revealing a clear path: Achieving onsistency
in biomarker testing
Nicole van Grieken, The Netherlands
Navigating the day-to-day changes and
challenges of the IVDR
Albrecht Stenzinger, Germany
Are we ready for action? 
All Faculty
Q&A session
All Faculty
Symposium summary and close
Nicole van Grieken, The Netherlands

Chair: Martin F. Dietrich
Speakers: Shirley M. Shiller | Martin F. Dietrich


Welcome, Introductions, Pre-Session Survey
Martin F. Dietrich, USA
Targeting CEACAM5 in NSCLC: Clinical
Rationale and Testing Strategies
Speaker tbd

Clinical Validation of CEACAM5 as a
Therapeutic Target
Shirley M. Shiller, USA
Panel Discussion
All Faculty
Question and Answer Session
Martin F. Dietrich, USA