Molecular Pathology Diagnostics and Translational Research Symposium (MD)

Monday, 11 September 2023

We are pleased to invite you to the ninth “Symposium on Molecular Pathology Diagnostics and Translational Research”. Our programme for 2023 includes molecular 
approaches with clinical applications in oncology as well as newest developments of modern technologies and the analysis of biomarkers.

The major goals for scientists working together with pathologists and clinicians in the field are to provide high quality molecular diagnostics, but at the same time to translate basic research discoveries into clinical practice.

The symposium will address and discuss current advances, but also challenges and problem-solving approaches in the field of molecular pathology. Not only molecular biologists, but also pathologists and other participants are more than welcome to join this symposium! Get the latest insights in precision medicine and how they directly impact testing and treatment decisions.


The symposium will cover the following topics:

  • Selected abstracts
  • Update organ specifi c biomarker analysis
  • Evaluation and reporting of complex biomarkers with big panels
  • News from the bench and future developments

Organisers of the symposium:

  • Johan Botling, Sweden
  • Erik Jan Dubbink, The Netherlands
  • Stephen Finn, Ireland
  • Carina Heydt, Germany
  • Gerald Höfler, Austria
  • Caterina Marchio, Italy
  • Matthias Matter, Switzerland
  • Sabine Merkelbach-Bruse, Germany
On-site registration and payment receivedby 4 July 2023after 4 July 2023
Molecular Pathology Diagnostics Symposium*EUR 200EUR 250
* For participants with a full ECP registration, the One-Day Molecular Pathology Diagnostics Symposium is included in the registration fee.