Congress Bursaries

For the 36th ECP in Florence, the ESP provides two different types of bursaries

  1. abstract-based bursaries to support the attendance of residents and trainees in pathology at the congress in Florence
  2. bursaries for pathologists from under-resourced countries

Bursaries include a free registration to the congress as well as a monetary grant

Please note that abstracts can only be presented (and thus published) on-site, not virtually! Please ensure that you are able to travel to Florence when submitting an abstract.

Please note that only complete applications will be considered for a bursary. Bursary applications submitted well before the deadline (16 April 2024) will be checked and followed up on if documentation is not complete. Bursary applications submitted right by the deadline cannot be followed up on - only the documentation submitted by the deadline will be considered.

Please do not submit your abstract twice (as a "normal" abstract submission AND a bursary application).

Applications will be evaluated by a 'bursaries' committee' to ensure fairness. The results will be sent to all applicants by e-mail.

Kindly note, that applicants may be granted a maximum of five bursaries over the years. In case you have already received five bursaries in previous ECPs, please refrain from applying again since you are not eligible to benefit from further bursaries.

You can only apply for ONE OR THE OTHER bursary category. Please refrain from submitting your application in both categories.

The deadline for bursary application submissions was 16 April 2024
Notifications will be sent at the beginning of June 2024. 

1. Abstract-based bursaries | Requirements (mandatory)

Your application can only be considered if all of the following requirements are met:

  • Membership of ESP
  • Submission of an abstract
  • Submission of a brief Curriculum Vitae
  • Supporting letter (official letter by your head of department/institute to let the committee know, why you should be granted a bursary)
  • Proof of trainee/resident status (on official letter head paper, including start and end date of your residency / training programme; must be issued in the year of the respective congress)
  • Copy of passport (applicants must be under 45; i.e. born after 7 September 1979)

2. Bursaries for pathologists from under-resourced countries | Requirements (mandatory)

Your application can only be considered if all of the following requirements are met:

  • You have been an active member of ESP for (at least) three consecutive years (2022, 2023, 2024).
  • You reside in one of the countries included on the respective list.
You need further

Please contact us: 
Congress and Exhibition Office

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