Bursary submission is closed. Notifications were sent in May 2020.

For the jointly organised congress of the ESP and BDIAP in Glasgow, three different types of bursaries will be provided:

1. Congress bursaries

2. BDIAP bursaries

3. IAP bursaries

Submitting an abstract as "Bursary Application" is mandatory for all types of bursaries. However, as the requirements may vary, please read the the below information carefully before preparing your bursary submission.
It is not possible to benefit from several bursary types.

1. Congress Bursaries

The ESP/IAP will provide a limited number of bursaries to support the attendance of residents and trainees in pathology at the congress in Glasgow. Bursaries include a free registration to the congress as well as a monetary grant of € 150. Membership of the ESP/IAP and submission of an abstract are required. A CV, proof of residency and a supporting letter - to explain why the bursary is needed - as well as a copy of passport, has to be submitted during the application process.

Requirements (mandatory)

Your application can only be considered if all of the following requirements are met:

  • Membership of ESP/IAP
  • Submission of an abstract
  • Submission of a brief Curriculum Vitae
  • Supporting letter (official letter by your head of department/institute to let the committee know, why you should be granted a bursary)
  • Proof of trainee/resident status
  • Copy of passport (applicants must be under 40; i.e. born after 29 August 1980)

2. BDIAP Bursaries

Further to the congress bursaries the BDIAP will offer funding opportunities for attendance of the congress.

3. IAP Central Bursaries

If you do not fit into the categories described above, you may be eligible to apply for a bursary administered by the IAP to assist in travel and accommodation, with a limit of 5 nights accommodation and travel according to distance by the most economical route supported by receipts. You should apply through the congress website (see "congress bursaries) and upload the respective documents. Further information is available here.

Important information for all types of bursaries

We kindly ask you to respect the guidelines for preparation and submission of abstracts

Please note that only complete applications will be considered for a bursary. Bursary applications submitted well before the deadline (4 March 2020) will be checked and followed up on if documentation is not complete. Bursary applications submitted right by the deadline cannot be followed up on - only the documentation submitted by the deadline will be considered.

Please do not submit your abstract twice (as a "normal" abstract submission AND a bursary application).

Applications will be evaluated by a 'bursaries' committee' to ensure fairness. The results will be sent to all applicants by e-mail.