Welcome to the 33rd European Congress of Pathology!

The motto for the ECP 2021, ”Compass for Optimal Patient Therapy” alludes to Gothenburg's strong maritime tradition being the largest port in Sweden. During ECP 2021, Gothenburg will be the capital for European international diagnostic and academic pathology. Pathologists and their collaborators, molecular biologists, geneticists, bioinformaticians, and information technologists will meet to share recent and important advances in our discipline that offer the latest diagnostic, prognostic and predictive information needed in the best patient care. 

For ECP 2021, the ESP working groups will prepare state-of-the-art organ-based sessions while collaborating pathology and clinical scientifi c societies will interact in joint scientific events. Exciting topics in the field of molecular pathology, digital pathology, AI in pathology, quality assessment, education and public awareness will be part of the scientifi c programme. Four keynote lectures by distinguished international experts will highlight fascinating topics in pathology and beyond. Thematic symposia on interstitial lung pathology and molecular findings in salivary gland tumours of diagnostic and predictive importance will take place.

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