4 March 2020

abstract and bursary submission deadline

early May 2020

notifications for abstracts and bursaries

27 May 2020

registration deadline for abstract authors

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is closed. Notifications will be sent out in early May 2020.

Guidelines for preparation and submission

Guidelines for preparation
  • Please choose a title that clearly indicates the content of the contribution.
  • Please avoid abbreviations in the title (exception: scientific terms). Abbreviations may be used in the text if they are defined when used first.
  • Please make sure to use proper English language.
  • Please refrain from spelling abstract titles and co-authors' names in capital letters.
  • The author‘s name (full first name, family name) and place of work (institution, city, country) should be indicated in the respective form fields, not in the abstract title.
  • Degrees, titles, street addresses and acknowledgements of support should be omitted in the abstract title and text.

To provide maximum information in the abstract please

  • state the specific background & objective of the study
  • state the methods used, if pertinent
  • summarise the results obtained
  • state the conclusions reached
  • ensure that the abstract does not contain spelling, grammar or scientific errors, as it will be reproduced exactly as submitted.
Guidelines for submission
  • A maximum of 5 abstracts per author will be accepted for submission. Additional submissions will not be considered (without further notice).
  • An abstract which has been previously published cannot be submitted, unless there are new methods, findings, updated data or other acceptable reasons for submitting.
  • Abstracts are to be submitted in English, the official language of the 32nd Congress of the ESP/XXXIII International Congress of the IAP, should not exceed 250 words (in total) and be structured in the following specified subtitles: background & objective, methods, results and conclusion. Please stick to the indicated maximum amount of words in each section.
  • Authors need to select whether they are submitting a Case Report, a Case Report Series or Original Research. Case Reports should also be structured as much as possible following the aforementioned categories. If not possible, the authors should upload the abstracts using the most appropriate categories (in the respective text boxes in the submission form).
  • The abstract submission constitutes a formal commitment by the author to present the corresponding presentation in the session and time slot assigned by the Scientific Committee.
  • Changes in authorship should be communicated to the Congress and Exhibition Office at esp-iap-2020@cpo-hanser.de in order to ensure correct appearance in the printed programme. Changes will be accepted up until the submission deadline (4 March 2020).
  • Should the first author, who is considered the presenter, turn out to be unable to present his/her poster or have more than two presentations on one day, one of the coauthors should take over this responsibility. A change of the presenting author needs to be communicated to the Congress and Exhibition Office at esp-iap-2020@cpo-hanser.de and will only be processed after acceptance of abstracts. Presenter changes, which are being addressed to the Congress and Exhibition Office before the official acceptance notification, will not be considered.
  • Registration to the congress is mandatory to be able to present the abstract and get it published in the abstract book – and must be completed by 27 May 2020. If the speaker fails to register and pay before 27 May 2020, his / her abstract will be excluded from the scientific programme and publication in Virchows Archiv.
  • If a delegate has registered upon the condition that his / her abstract is accepted and the abstract is rejected, the registration fee will be refunded. The acceptance of abstracts by the Scientific Committee does not imply any financial assistance or fee reduction.
  • Notification of acceptance or rejection by the Scientific Committee will be emailed to the first author. Detailed information in which format the abstract is accepted (oral or poster presentation or E-Poster), guidelines and recommendations for each abstract type as well as time allotment, date, hour, and venue will be sent in due time to registered first authors.

When submitting an abstract, please choose one of the following topics:

1. Two-Day MD Symposium
2. One-Day CP Symposium
3. Autopsy Pathology
4. Breast Pathology
5. Cardiovascular Pathology
6. Cytopathology
7. Dermatopathology
8. Digestive Diseases Pathology - GI 
9. Digestive Diseases Pathology - Liver
10. Digestive Diseases Pathology - Pancreas
11. Electron Microscopy
12. Endocrine Pathology
13. Gynaecological Pathology
14. Haematopathology
15. Head and Neck Pathology
16. History of Pathology
17. Infectious Diseases Pathology
18. IT in Pathology
19. Molecular Pathology
20. Nephropathology
21. Neuropathology
22. Ophthalmic Pathology
23. Paediatric and Perinatal Pathology
24. Pathology in Favour of Developing Countries
25. Pulmonary Pathology
26. Soft Tissue and Bone Pathology
27. Thymic and Mediastinal Pathology
28. Uropathology
29. Other Topics

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