FAQs - Postponement of the ESP/IAP Congress

Congress Registration

I am registered for the meeting and plan to attend on the rescheduled dates. What do I need to do?

Your existing registration will be carried forward and you will receive notification in due course. No further action is needed at this stage.

I am registered for the meeting and do NOT plan to attend on the rescheduled dates. What do I need to do?

Any existing registrations will be carried forward to December but if for any reason, you no longer wish to attend, a full reimbursement will be made. Please send a respective e-mail to esp-iap-2020@cpo-hanser.de.

Will the planned programme change?

The meeting will be largely as currently planned, including Keynote Lectures and Special Sessions. The availability of all planned contributors will be ascertained, and any necessary changes will be made as required.

We are planning to incorporate a session on COVID-19 pathology and will open a separate abstract submission process for this purpose. More information will be published shortly via a newsletter and in the "Abstracts" section of the congress website.

An updated version of the preliminary programme will be published shortly.

Group Registrations

How are group registrations treated?

We will transfer group registrations to December as well. If your registration has been arranged by a company, please contact the company. Group coordinators will be contacted via separate e-mail by CPO HANSER SERVICE.

Accommodation and Travel

I have booked accommodation for the meeting, how do I cancel my booking?

If you have booked your hotel through the ESP/IAP congress website, we will cancel your room for you free of charge. We have not heard back from all hotels yet regarding new allotments for December, as most of them are currently closed and thus not fully staffed. Please make a new booking via the congress website in mid/late May.

If you have made independent hotel bookings, please contact the hotel as soon as possible. If you participate in the congress in December, have your reservation transferred – do not cancel your booking.

Most of the hotels should be accommodating if you communicate that the postponement of the congress due to the use of the SEC as a field hospital is the reason for your postponement or cancellation.

I have booked travel for the meeting, how do I cancel my booking?

You should contact your airline or travel agent. Most companies are permitting alterations without cost to re-booked travel plans. In the event of cancellation, many companies are providing refunds.

Invited Speakers, Presenters, Abstract Submitters and Bursary Applicants

I have been invited to speak at the meeting. What shall I do?

If you still plan to attend on the rescheduled dates, no further action is required. If you are unable to speak at the rescheduled meeting, please contact the Congress Secretariat at esp-iap-2020@cpo-hanser.de but also copy in the conveners of your session(s).

I have submitted an abstract for the meeting. Will my research still be considered for the rescheduled event?

All abstracts will be reviewed in the usual time frame and allocation to oral free paper, full poster and E-poster sessions will be completed as soon as possible and will be carried forward to the December meeting. If submitting pathologists are unable to attend the rescheduled meeting, they should try to get another member of their team to present. If not they may withdraw their presentation at any time.

I have applied for a bursary: will this still be available?

Yes, all bursary applications will be processed in the usual way and successful applicants will be notified in May 2020. All awardees will be registered for the rescheduled meeting in December as before. They are advised to delay, if possible, making any travel and accommodation bookings until the situation becomes clearer in the next few weeks.

Congress Sponsors and Exhibitors

I am a confirmed sponsor/exhibitor of the congress. What do I need to do?

For any questions related to the postponement of the congress, please contact our Sponsporing & Exhibition Team at esp-iap-2020@cpo-hanser.de.