Computational Symposium (CP SY)

Sunday, 10 September 2023

The Computational Pathology Symposium presents key speakers from both academia and industry to inform about and discuss developments in the application of AI to histopathology. We specifically welcome all stakeholders that are involved in the development, validation and adoption of Computational Pathology to facilitate interactions in the broadest possible manner: pathologists, (AI) scientists, technicians and lab managers from hospitals, academia and industry. The CP SY will be organised in conjunction with the ECP in 2023 for the eighth time. Panel discussions and demonstrations may be part of the program in addition to invited speakers and submitted talks. 

Topics of interest:

  • Algorithm development and validation
  • Regulatory and usability issues
  • Clinical value

Organisers of the symposium:

  • Inti Zlobec, Switzerland 
    (Digital and Computational Pathology WG Chair)
  • António Polónia Oliveira, Portugal 
    (Digital and Computational Pathology WG Co-Chair)
  • Nasir Rajpoot, United Kingdom
  • Darren Treanor, United Kingdom
  • Geert Litjens, The Netherlands
  • Jeroen van der Laak, The Netherlands
Registrationfor on-site attendancefor virtual attendance
Computational Symposium*EUR 250EUR 190
* For participants with a full ECP registration, the Computational Symposium is included in the registration fee.