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Currently available recordings: 

ES-02 | Astellas: A case of biomarkers: revealing fresh evidence for locally advanced unresectable or metastatic G/GEJ adenocarcinoma
LS-05 | Amgen: Rethinking KRAS: From emerging to actionable biomarker in NSCLC
LS-07 | Thermo Fisher Scientific, Eli Lilly, Bayer: Connecting Patients to Precision Oncology – the Key Role of NGS
BRS-04 | Thermo Fisher Scientific: Comprehensive Molecular profiling - speed and simplicity in solid tumor and hemato malignancies clinical research
LS-16 | Novartis: MET and KRAS: the rise of actionable biomarkers in NSCLC


4 September 2022

5 September 2022

6 September 2022