Industry Symposia at the ESP/IAP Virtual Congress

The ESP/BDIAP gratefully acknowledge the support of the following companies who are conducting symposia during the congress. 

Sunday, 6 December 2020

11:45 - 13:15

VLS-01 | AstraZeneca: FOCUS: optimising molecular testing practices in lung cancer (Fully Overcome the Challenges by Uncovering Solutions)

Chair: John Gosney

John Gosney Welcome and Introduction
Paul Hofman Strategies for minimising turnaround times to enable fully informed patient selection for first-line treatment
Rachel Butler  Navigating new testing platforms designed for quicker and more comprehensive testing
Debate  Does the future of lung pathology services lie in centralised testing facilities?
John Gosney Closing Remarks

VLS-02 | Bayer: NTRK Gene Fusions – The Path to Travel

Chair: Caterina Marchiò

Caterina Marchiò Welcome
Victor Moreno “On the Right Path” Clinical Benefits of TRK Inhibition Across Malignancies
Caterina Marchiò“Guideposts for the Path” Guidelines and Recommendations for Testing for NTRK Gene Fusions
Nicole Pfarr“Staying on the Path” Algorithms, Challenges, and Solutions in NTRK Gene Fusion Testing
All “Path Finding” – Case-Based Panel Discussion 
Caterina Marchiò Conclusions and wrap-up

18:45 - 19:45

VES-01 | Bristol Myers Squibb: Digital Evolution of Biomarkers in Immuno-oncology

Chair: Manuel Rodriguez-Justo

Manuel Rodriguez-Justo Introduction to Biomarkers in Immuno-Oncology
Korinna Jöhrens New PD-L1 Assessment Developments and Challenges for Pathologists
Federico RojoThe Potential of Digital Applications to Improve the Future Use of I-O Biomarkers

Monday, 7 December 2020

06:45 - 07:45

VBS-01 | Jazz Pharmaceuticals: The enigma of high-risk AML*

*High-risk AML defined as therapy-related AML (t-AML) or AML with myelodysplasia-related changes (AML-MRC)

Chair: John Goodlad

John Goodlad Welcome and Introduction
Umberto Gianelli Deciphering AML-MRC
Mark Drummond Cracking the code: treatment options for AML-MRC
John Goodlad Summary and close

11:45 - 13:15

VLS-03 | Thermo Fisher: Revolutionizing precision oncology with 1 day next generation sequencing

Chair: Nicola Normanno

Nicola Normanno Highlights from ESMO Recommendations Outline Use of Next-Gen Sequencing in Metastatic Cancer Patient
Andy Felton Revolutionizing the future of precision oncology research with Oncomine solutions
Michael Hummel A European inter laboratory research evaluation of Oncomine Precision Assay on Ion Torrent Genexus System
Medical Affairs Team Thermo Fisher / Umberto Malapelle Amplicon based NGS approach for gene fusions analysis: from tissue to liquid biopsy

VLS-04 | AstraZeneca: Unlocking the potential of lung biomarkers to predict and monitor response to IO

Chair: Keith Kerr

Keith Kerr Welcome and Introduction
John Gosney Optimising PD-L1 testing with cytological samples
Albrecht Stenzinger & Chris Abbosh Understanding the predictive and prognostic potential of ctDNA
Keith Kerr Measuring pathological response in resected tumours
Keith Kerr Closing remarks

VLS-05 | Biocartis: Precision Diagnostics Sharpening Treatment Decisions in Oncology

Chair: Alexander Craig Mackinnon

Alexander Craig Mackinnon Implementation of the Idylla System as a Rapid Molecular Testing for Precision Medicine
Bieke van Dorst IdyllaTM Genefusion: Revolutionary Precision Testing for Gene Rearrangements

VLS-06 | Amgen: Emerging biomarkers poised to change the treatment landscape in NSCLC

Chair: Aleš Ryška

Aleš Ryška Welcome and Introduction
Silvia Novello Novel targeted therapies in development for NSCLC: An oncologist’s perspective
Reinhard Büttner Optimising the tissue journey in the era of precision medicine: Integrating novel biomarkers into future clinical practise
All Interactive case studies

VLS-07 | Novartis: New biomarker paradigms in advanced/metastatic breast cancer – looking towards PIK3CA and beyond

Chair: Sherko Kümmel

Sherko Kümmel Welcome and Introduction
Sherko Kümmel Emerging biomarkers in advanced/metastatic breast cancer from a clinician's perspective
Fernando Schmitt Consideration of what mutations to detect and how to report them
Michael Hummel What, when and how to test
Panel discussion and Q&A

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

12:45 - 14:15

VLS-08 | AstraZeneca: Widening the lens beyond BRCA: Expanding our view of the DDR diagnostics pathway

Chair: James Brenton

James Brenton Opening –Welcome and introductions
James Brenton A snapshot of HRD testing in ovarian cancer
Reinhard Büttner Shifting the focus: BRCAm testing in prostate cancer
Gilad Vainer Visualising the variant landscape
James Brenton Discussion, Q&A and closing remarks

VLS-09 | Nanostring: From Tissue to Answer: Advancements in Spatial Biology

Chair: Rudy Van Eijsden

Rudy Van Eijsden Spatial Biology Research introduction
Nina Radosevic-Robin Spatial distribution of the immune infiltrate as a putative predictor of recurrence type in triple negative breast cancer
Peter Nelson Spatial Genomics Maps the Tumor Microenvironment   
Rudy Van Eijsden Spatial Biology experience- live demonstration of capabilities on FFPE tissue