Oral Presentations at the Virtual ECP 2021

Oral Presentations will be self-recorded 10 min talks. Recorded materials will be made available to all delegates for on-demand viewing during live congress hours as well as for a period of 2 months after the meeting. 

The format for PowerPoint presentations is 16:9.

Presentation Recording with MS PowerPoint

For the preparation of your OFP presentation(s) related to the Virtual ECP 2021, you need PowerPoint 2013 (or newer). 
PowerPoint has an integrated recording function, so you do not need an external programme.



  • Ideally use in-ear headphones with built-in microphone for the recording, as this ensures a higher quality than the computer microphone. 
  • Make sure that there is no noise in the background.

Video and lighting

  • Your background should be neutral, ideally a white wall. A window in the background should be prevented in any case. Even the best camera cannot stand a chance if the sun is shining through the window behind you. 
  • The lighting should be consistent. Your face should be lit from the front. If the room lighting is not sufficient, even turning on the desk lamp can improve the lighting considerably.
  • Ideally, the webcam should be at eye level. If you work at a laptop with a built-in webcam, it is recommended to raise the laptop by 15 – 20 cm. A box or a pile of books might seem unconventional, but works well. However, please make sure that the laptop sits steady.
  • Choose a comfortable sitting position and set your camera image so that you can be seen centrally with head and shoulders.
  • Please refrain from using a virtual background.

While recording

  • The less you move your upper body during the presentation, the better.
  • Speak straight towards the microphone and look into the camera as often as possible.
  • Don’t touch your microphone.
  • Speak clearly and a little slower than usual (presentation pace, just like at a live congress).
  • Don’t go past the last slide – rather than ending the presentation, stay on the last slide.

Start recording mode

Start your PowerPoint presentation and, under “Slide Show”, select “Record Slide Show”. The recording mode opens. 

Set up recording

Select “headset microphone” as microphone (term might vary). If you would like to record with your webcam, select “Microsoft Camera Front” and activate the camera via the respective button. Click on the “Turn camera preview on” button. The camera image should now be shown in the lower right hand corner. Make sure that important parts of the slides are not covered by the webcam image. 

Record presentation

Start the recording by clicking on the “Record” button. After a short countdown, the recording starts and you can start your presentation. Go from slide to slide as usual by hitting the arrows or clicking on the respective buttons to the right and left. The recordings are saved sequentially on the respective slides, so you might want to make sure not to talk while switching slides.
Be aware that the mouse cursor is not recorded. If you would like to highlight something, use the pen or the marker in the live mode.
End your presentation by clicking the “Stop” button.

Check presentation

Navigate to the first slide of the presentation and view the recording (“play from beginning”). Should anything not be satisfactory, you can delete the recording individually for the slides and record again. Select “clear recordings” in the upper right section ("X") – then either select "clear recordings on current slide” or "clear recordings on all slides". Start a new recording, without changing slides, as otherwise existing recordings are overwritten. Save the new recording by clicking on the “Stop” button again.

Export presentation

If you are happy with your presentation, you need to publish it:

Export as video: Select “File” -> “Export” -> “Create a video”. Here, you can define the resolution. Please make sure to export the video in HD (720p). Via the button “Create video”, you can export the recording as an .mp4 file.

Upload presentation

You will be able to upload your presentation through your congress account starting 14 July 2021.