Call for Symposium

"Pathology in developing countries: from real-life experience to expectations for a better future"

The Working Group "Pathology in Favour of Developing Countries" of the European Society of Pathology (ESP), together with the African Organization for Research and Training in Cancer (AORTIC) and the Italian NGO "Associazione Patologi Oltre Frontiera” (APOF, "Pathologist Beyond Borders Association") is proud to announce a call for a symposium which will be held during the upcoming 31st European Congress of Pathology in Nice, France, from 7 to 11 September 2019.

Aim of this symposium is to offer a space for pathologists coming from underserved countries to present their everyday working experience with the public of the ECP 2019; we consider this initiative a good opportunity to open a window to show how our profession can be managed and developed also in low-resource settings, and also to foster collaborations between Institutions through this moment of sharing of experiences. Similarly, the call is also destined to pathologists coming from high-resource settings but with professional experiences in underserved countries.

For this purpose, through this call we intend to select seven speakers to cover the available slots of the symposium; each speaker will be assigned 10 minutes for the presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions from the public; the last 15 minutes of the symposium will be reserved for a general discussion with the public. The chairmen of the symposium will be Dr. Paolo Giovenali, the President of APOF NGO and Prof. Adesina Adekunle, the Pathology lead/chair of AORTIC.

Date and time:
Sunday, 8 September 2019, 17:15 - 19:15

ESP and AORTIC have kindly agreed to offer some support to allow participation:

  • ESP is glad to offer registration fee waiver for the selected speakers from undeserved countries, provided they be 40 years of age or older. Younger participants are strongly advised to apply for an ESP bursary (deadline for submission is 10 April 2019).
  • AORTIC will sponsor two selected presenters who are expected to be members of AORTIC with a bursary of $500 each, provided they be members of AORTIC and have not already benefited from an ESP bursary. The sponsorship will be assigned to the two best presentations and will be communicated during the final debate with the public.

Deadline and guidelines for submission:

People who intend to offer their contribution may send an abstract with a summary of the speech.
The deadline for submitting your abstract was 10 April 2019. 

The authors of accepted abstracts shall be contacted and provided with further information.

Hoping that this initiative may raise the interest of many colleagues coming from the various part of the world, I'll be glad to welcome the selected speakers for our symposium at the ECP 2019.

Stefano Guzzetti
Chair of ESP WG
“Pathology in Favour of Developing Countries”